Submission Works Review 2013

I have been an e-commerce entrepreneur for over five years. With the increasing number of e-commerce websites popping up each day I know I have to constantly beef up my online advertising campaigns. During all these years, I have tried every Internet Marketing strategy I could get my hands on to ensure that my website gets a high rank in the result pages of major search engines.

I have tried to engage the services of a couple of Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Services. My website link has been exposed on the Internet through search engine optimization or link building traffic. I have used the social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. I also did coupon offers. I even tried Pay-Per-Click Advertising. I would like to believe I have been quite successful because I have been getting a comfortable amount of traffic to my website. I too have been earning comfortably these past years. The services I have hired have done pretty good jobs.

I have worked with Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Services that used both Internet Adverting placements or sponsored search and what they call organic search. All these online advertising campaigns came with high price tags and a lot of hard work. I did not mind because I had no choice. I knew I had to make my website rank high in search engine result pages so I could get the traffic I needed to generate sales.

I get a lot of proposals daily from Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Services. Most of the companies whose services I have engaged have given me good results. I would however want to single out Submission Works. I have worked with a good number of online advertising services but Submission Works has charged me the cheapest and has given me the best results! My e-commerce website has never experienced this much traffic. All these for a measly subscription rate of $59 per month.

Submission Works is an advertising software that exposes my website link across the Internet and creates huge traffic to my website. I no longer needed to engage the services of expensive SEO services. I no longer needed loads upon loads of content articles. Neither did I need any more of those insignificant Pay-Per-Click ads. All I needed were my products, links to my website and the Submission Works software.

With Submission Works I need not hold long meetings with Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Services experts to come up with marketing campaigns that would give my website the exposure it needs to bring the sales. I just needed to subscribe to the software, log in my member’s area and enter up to 7 links to my website. The software does the rest of the job.

I also did not have to contend with market saturation issues because Submission Works limits the types of links they accept. Before I subscribed to the software I had to submit my URL to their Saturation Checker to see if they could still promote my type of links.

Submission Works is indeed the #1 advertising service. I have worked with several online advertising services and it is only Submission Works that has given me happy problems – I now have to work hard to get my products replenished at a faster rate. I am almost always sold out because of Submission Works!


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